Our laboratory

In order to guarantee excellence, Veracova uses two separate laboratories, both recognized as among the most well-known in France. The experts in charge of the formulation are dissociated from those in charge of the manufacture, thus guaranteeing you the best possible final product.

A team of experts

Simply the best

Efficacy and safety are the prime concerns of Veracova. That's why our scientific experts are developing formulas containing the best performing ingredients without compromising their reliability.

Recognized in France among the most qualified laboratories, they also formulate for other extremely famous brands.

Our cosmetic research

Striving for perfection.

Veracova is positioned in a logic of permanent improvement. Thus, we are constantly seeking new ingredients recognized for their exceptional results in cosmetics.

We also want to do our best to make our brand 100% environmentally friendly without compromising our other commitments. We will do our best to push the suppliers and the overall industry in that direction.

Natural formulation

Healthy Beauty

Composed of more than 95% natural ingredients, all our products have been formulated to minimize endocrine disruptors, the risk of allergy and irritation. Containing 0% GMOs, parabens, phthalates, sulphates and mineral oils, we want our products to be the most natural and harmless possible, which has allowed them to be approved for pregnant women and validated as hypoallergenic.

None of the ingredients we use exceeds 4 on the Skindeep database. This is your guarantee of Skin Friendly ingredients. Always !

Sensory Textures

Formulas made to be enjoyed

At Veracova, we also focus on the Sensory aspects of our products. Scents, textures and penetration have been intelligently thought out to guarantee you a daily pleasure gesture.

This aspect is one of our primary concerns when we formulate our products. That's why the "pleasant" character of the textures and smells of each of our products has been tested on a panel of women, and has always been approved unanimously.

Our formulation guidelines

Because Nature possesses unbelievable resources for your skin, we always favor actives and ingredients from natural origin.