“I believe in a committed cosmetic industry where women and Nature would be at the heart of Beauty”

Bruno BARETEAU, Managing Director & Founder
The work of a passionate man


Aware that we live in a stressful world and looking for a way to deal with it, he aspires to perfect balance and inner well-being.

Respecting Nature

During the course of his career in the beauty industry, a fascination for plants and their cosmetic virtues emerged. He decided to create his own brand with the ambition of providing women with ideal care products, which would be natural, sensory, and effective. A line of skincare that would be in line with his philosophy of life: to find the perfect balance.

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To make Beauty rhyme with Serenity

Veracova offers high efficacy natural products formulated in the respect of its Pro-Consumers and Pro-Naturecommitment.

Wishing to integrate this notion of balance at the very heart of his formulas, Bruno BARETEAU surrounds himself with scientific experts to select sea and land active ingredients that by their synergy will bring exceptional properties to sublimate the skin.

This will be the birth of Veracova, a skincare line of natural exclusive formulas and proven efficacy.
Committed beauty

Our 4 commitments Sensory commitment / Efficacy commitment / Naturality commitment / Healthy commitment

Sensory commitment
Sensory textures tested and approved by consumers
Efficacy commitment
Our products’ efficacy is tested and proven scientifically
Naturality commitment
Natural products and eco-friendly attitude
Healthy Commitment
Hypoallergenic formules validated for pregnant women
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The dermo-cosmetics expertise

Healthy beauty commitments

The challenge for the Veracova research team goes even further. Made aware very early by his brother’s extreme allergic reactions, Bruno BARETEAU undertakes to create a natural hypoallergenic skincare line, without compromising on Sensory and Efficacy: the perfect beauty balance !

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Our formulation guidelines

Because Nature possesses unbelievable resources for your skin, we always favor actives and ingredients from natural origin.
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A strong and unique
Pro-Consumers and
Pro-Nature concept