4OUR four Commitments

We claim that our products are SENSORY, HYPOALLEGERNIC, EFFICIENT and NATURAL. Because this is what women really want from their cosmetics. And to be true, this claim has to match our requirements and commitments in products' development.

SENSORY Commitment

Because Sensory aspects are paramount in choosing a product.

Natural and Hypoallergenic formulas

Sensory textures approved by consumers' panels

Efficacy promises that we keep !

Exclusive formulas to guarantee the respect of our commitments

EFFICACY Commitment

Because Efficacy is what women expect.

Systematic presence of numerous ingredients known and tested for their efficacy (because we are a dermo-cosmetic brand)

Land and Sea complementarity in our formulas

Our products' efficacy. We scientifically test our products to measure their real efficacy so you know what to expect in all transparency.

SERENITY Commitment

Because knowing what's inside the products is a legitimate concern.

A harsh selection of our ingredients in order to minimize the risks of allergies, irritations and endocrine disruption.

Our products are validated for pregnant women

Tested under dermatological control

Fragrances developped to minimize the risks of allergies


Because Nature is powerful and needs to be preserved

To promote healthy and responsible cosmetics in all transparency

An ethical behavior in all aspects

Always favor what's in the consumer's best interest

To adopt an eco-friendly behavior

Les ingrédients QUE NOUS REFUSONS POUR nos produits
Nous refusons catégoriquement tout ingrédient noté ≥ 4 (hors parfum). Nos produits sont formulés en se basant sur une base de données tierce (EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics database) et son système de notation.





Our commitments for the planet

Un arbre est planté sur un projet de reforestation Reforest'Action pour compenser les émissions de CO2 de votre achat sur ce site Internet. 1 arbre stocke en moyenne 150 kg de CO2, soit plus que les émissions de C02 issues de la fabrication de la plupart des produits achetés sur Internet. Suite à votre achat, vous recevrez par email un certificat de plantation.