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Step 1

Online and offline purchases

Online purchases (on our site) automatically accumulates loyalty points on your account. You have nothing to do! You can also earn loyalty points by creating an account, signing up for our newsletter or by rating the products you purchased. But there is more… you can also earn points from your offline purchases. And this is unique!
Here is how:

Scan QR Code


I scan

I scan the QR code

Sign In to Access Personal Space


I sign in

I access my personal space

Activate Points


I activate my points

By entering the 3 digit code next to the QR code

Step 2

Your VIP status

A status for more rewards.

Earning loyalty points has never been so easy!

Enjoy a privileged status by accumulating points and access better rewards. Continue to accumulate points by writing products’ reviews.

5,000 Petals

5,000 petals

I discover!

20,000 Petals

20,000 petals

I choose!

50,000 Petals

50,000 petals

I enjoy!

My status

Step 3

Obtain your rewards

Convert your points into real gifts and rewards

Loyalty store

My program in questions

How can I participate in the loyalty program?
You just need to sign up online with a valid e-mail address in the “My veracova” section.
How can I earn loyalty points?
There are many ways to earn V€ (our loyalty points currency). As soon as you create an account, you start earning V€. When you make online purchases, your V€ are automatically added to your account. When you make offline purchases, you can earn points by activating those purchaes by scanning the QR code found in the back of most of our products. Writing a product review or even signing up to our newsletter are also ways to earn V€.
How can I use my V€?
As soon as you have enough V€, you can turn them into great rewards in our loyalty store. In your personal space, you can exchange them for discount vouchers, gifts and much more.
What is the code on the back of the packaging?
It is known as a QR code or 2D code. By scanning it (with your phone camera or free QR code applications), you wll be directed to our website where you will have the possibility to get more info on the product you just scanned, or to activate your purchase and earn loyalty points.
I tried to scan my product’s QR code but it didn’t work, what should I do?
There is a chance that it is partially hidden or damaged, or that maybe you are using an application not compatible with our QR code or other possible reasons. We recommend you to try other applications or to make sure the code is clearly visible. If it still does not work, use the “Contact us” form and we will be happy to help solve the issue.
Why can’t I sponsor a friend anymore?
Since November 1st 2018, the option to sponsor a friend to earn loyalty points is no longer available. Your loyalty points are still maintained and their use does not change.