Our products COMMITMENTS

Unlike many companies, we refuse to let profits optimization be our guiding principle. Sacrificing quality for profits is contrary to everything we believe in.

From our unique philosophy and concept, our commitments are clear: to give customers the BEST possible products while being as environment-friendly as possible so humans and nature can continue to live in harmony.

Our Acronym: P.E.N.S.

Our commitments can be summarized by the following acronym:
P.E.N.S.: Pleasure / Efficacy / Naturality / Serenity

Pleasure of our textures


We realize that using cosmetics products is first of all a pleasure gesture and has to remain so. If your product had a bad smell or did not penetrate well or were sticky… would you continue to use it? We don't think so. So this aspect is one of our key concerns when formulating our products.

Our products efficacy


Do you ever wonder whether the product you are using is really effective? We do! And we don't want you to wonder any longer. We GUARANTEE the EFFICACY of our products. How? By using ingredients tested and proven for their efficacy. And we use them at the recommended level at which they were tested.
And of course, we had our own finished products tested, so that our efficacy is truly guaranteed!

Our naturality commitment


All our products are formulated to be as natural as possible but not to the detriment of our other 3 commitments. This is the reason why we mostly exceed 95% but do not reach 100%. We found that to reach the 100% mark would either mostly affect the sensoriality or serenity aspects especially when it comes to conservatives and fragrance (as most natural fragrances contain allergens). But if it becomes possible, we will do it for sure!
We will also work towards making our brand 100% environment-friendly as it becomes possible without compromising our other commitments. But it will take some time as it depends on suppliers and industry practice, so please bear with us!

Our serenity commitment


We go beyond our legal obligations to give you extra peace of mind by refusing many ingredients that we don't trust to be safe or good for you even if authorized. We will never compromise our commitment of Healthy Beauty.

0% GMO, Parabens, Phtalates, Mineral Oils, Sulphates, Animal Derivatives, Nanoparticules, Propylene Glycol...

Our products are formulated based on a third party database (EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics database: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/) ranking system and we refuse any ingredient that is rated >4 (except fragrance).
Fragrances are rated 8 because they don't discriminate between the different types and assume all have many allergens. While this is true for most natural fragrances including essential oils, it is not so in our case. We use synthetic fragrances formulated to minimize allergy risks by refusing the 26 allergens listed by the European regulation.

Compatible with pregnancy

Because of the extra care we take in formulating our products, they are compatible with pregnancy.

Unique formulas
To respect all the above commitments, we had to develop unique formulas to guarantee the respect of our commitments to you and to nature.