There, all is but order and beauty,
luxury, calm
& voluptuousness.

Charles Baudelaire

Philosophy & Concept

Veracova, brings you the perfect beauty balance ! Because everything is a question of balance, our products are the result of the synergy between Sea and Land ingredients which brings exceptional properties to sublimate your skin.

Our brand philosophy

To make Beauty rhyme with Serenity

VERACOVA was built around the idea that BALANCE should be the guiding principle in every aspect of our lives. We strongly believe, to at least some extent, that any problem in life can be attributed to a lack of balance.


For Bruno Bareteau, balance also means taking into consideration women's opinion in order to facilitate their beauty routine and thus, their daily life! This philosophy of balance is the very core of our brand DNA.

From this philosophy, our brand concept is born.

3our three examples

Air pollution

The result of a lack of balance between human activity and what nature can absorb.


Often the result of too much pressure or too much going on in relation to what our bodies and minds can handle physically and emotionally.


Often the result of life habits or activities that go beyond what our body can handle.

A strong concept...Balance


Why ?

Because it is the only sustainable and ethical way. Respecting Consumers and Nature and not sacrificing one or the other.

To be PRO-CONSUMERS because :

their well-being and satisfaction should always be the No 1 criteria.

To be PRO-NATURE because :

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.”

– Léon Tolstoï

Land and Sea harmony

VERACOVA carefully selects Land and Sea ingredients that by their synergy will bring exceptional properties to sublimate the skin. We develop a skincare line with exclusive formulas and proven efficacy.

This will be the origins of Veracova,

a skincare line of exclusive

formulas and proven efficacy.

DISCOVER our key ingredients
All our products contain a powerful blend of LAND and SEA ingredients that bring a natural holistic solution to skin aging concerns.

is the guarantee of products that are