“I believe in a committed beauty industry where women and nature would be at the heart of beauty

Bruno BARETEAU, Managing Director & Founder

The work of a passionate man

VERACOVA was born from the commitment of its founder Bruno Bareteau to healthy and sustainable cosmetics products. The search for efficacy, the motto of the founder and his team, provides Veracova with great opportunities to put women and nature at the heart of beauty.

The perfectBalance

Serenity and Well-Being

While paying close attention to a fast-moving world, being curious by nature as well as looking for a better way for him and his loved ones to live, he aspired to a perfect balance - the kind that is found in yoga, which brings inner well-being.

It is in the heart of nature that Veracova draws this balance, by combining SEA and LAND ingredients, known for the exceptional efficacy and complementarity.

passion andcommitment

Consumers deserve the best

During the course of his career in the beauty industry, a fascination for plants and their cosmetic virtues emerged. He decided to create his own brand with the ambition of providing women with ideal care products, which would be natural, sensory, and effective. With a burning passion in his heart, he set himself the challenge of creating a range of products that would respect both consumers and nature alike. This would be a line of care products that would reflect his philosophy of life – that of finding the perfect balance.

But the challenge for Veracova's team of researchers goes even further. Having been made aware early of allergic reactions due to those of his brother, Bruno Bareteau made the bold step of creating a line of care products that are hypoallergenic, without compromising on their Sensory attributes and Efficacy: the perfect beauty balance !

Sea and Landcomplementarity

To select the best nature has to offer

With a desire to integrate this notion of balance into the very heart of his formulae, Bruno Bareteau surrounded himself with scientific experts in order to select active ingredients of marine and terrestrial origin that, through their synergy, would have exceptional skin enhancing properties.

Herein lies the genesis of Veracova, a line of care products with exclusive formulae and proven effectiveness.

A successful challenge !

And So VERACOVA was born, whose defining mission statement expresses the very essence of the brand:


Key milestones



The origins

The idea of creating a skin care line with a strong identity and commitments that will become Veracova, slowly emerges.


The Paris Beyond Beauty show !

Veracova is revealed at the Paris Beauty show "Beyond Beauty". We enter the competition with two products and they are respectively awarded the 1st and 3rd Best Cosmetic Product award by the online consumers. This reinforces our belief that we are on the right track of understanding what consumers really expect from their cosmetics: Sensory textures, Efficacy proven, Natural products and none of the bad stuff !


Brand launch

We launch our first production batch and stores in France and Hong Kong.


Distribution and products expansion

In 2017, we expand our distibution and decide to formulate new products to expand our range.


Veracova takes off !

Very strong expansion of our distribution with the opening of 300 stores in France. The French celebrity (singer and actress) JENIFER becomes our brand ambassador. To be continued...